About Us

why the RRR's?

I connected to the ‘R’ when working on the development of one of the first Resource Recovery Centres in Australia toward the end of the nineties.  The ’R’ resonated with many aspects of what we were trying to achieve and provided focus using just one letter of the alphabet.  

Sustainability is connected to many other letters and themes, however, for the sake of connection, the ‘R words’ relevant to the philosophy of zeRRRo are expanded upon below.


some of the RRR's


In a (first) world where the propensity is to ‘con’, we have a choice to refuse. We are bombarded with messages to consume, consume, consume without a thought for the consequences. If we stop to think, we can rationalise whether we decide to go with the flow or otherwise.  


Relative to refuse is the opportunity to reduce. Indeed, if we are living in a resource constrained world, it is beholden upon us ALL to reduce consumption and waste to ensure that future generations can exist without conflict – what sustainability is all about.


We ‘offshore’ way too much these days, including skills that were second nature to older generations.  Men’s Sheds, reuse and repair centres, and activities like Repair Café and Bright Sparks that have been set up to harness and perpetuate ‘repair’ skills. Next time something breaks, don’t just bin it, make the effort to seek out repair options.  


Think before you throw! Can it be reused (maybe repaired first) by someone that has a need? There are plenty of avenues to facilitate reuse through the Sharing Economy.


You would think that given the exponential rate of development and ‘civilisation’, we would have the design part right? Our system is still based on an undervalued resources industry that is being used up like there is no tomorrow, let's change .this  

ciRculaR Economy

Like the sustainability movement of the last century, the new Circular Economy is the buzz – whatever it takes! 'Circularity' is about transitioning from a linear world into an holistic and connected existence for a better future.